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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well well well

OK, so for the last few weeks I've been feverishly looking and applying for jobs. Today I had an interview and I guess I nailed it because I got called back for an entire day on friday. Looks like that work is finally paying off. The job has nothing to do with music or any of that, but it does involve advertising and marketing. 

So that means I haven't had much time for projects and the like. I guess I'm close to not graduating (which I'm hopefully going to clear up in an hour or so) and apparently have to do audio practicum again. It's basically a individual course where you get practical experience guessed it, audio. I'm trying to finagle it so that I can use this to make promos for music events instead of the same old set-up/tear-down. And maybe make a guide to do this usual stuff. I really hope that works, that way I will have no choice but to work on the projects.

I did create a spy-brian setzer-esque little theme song that I thought would work well for opening credits of a show like "Getting away with murder" on But that is basically all I've done. Here's to hoping for more time....and a job.


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Good creative weekend

Well, I didn't have any real homework to do and I was kind of locked away, but it was of my own free will and it really drove me to do some projects. Truthfully it was mostly because I knew that I won't have much time this week to do anything. So, what I did this weekend:

First, I rewrote some promos for the radio station that sucked something fierce. I recorded one of them and it sounds really good. I need to find someone who can do a really good hulk hogan impression to do the other one...may have to change it to the Kool-Aid man...but that might be copyrighted. Regardless, I thought I did a really good job with that. I also recorded and finished my Bible Books, Books about the Bible, that was pretty good too, really love the music I wrote for it more than anything. Finished up the Delinquents with Combs sketch too, also turned out nicely.  Finished writing another commercial and recorded the music for it, but still need to record the voices. 

In my state of extreme free time, I decided to start a series. It's called The Adventures of Marvin the Macbook and his friend Nate. Each episode is about a minute and is seen from the macbook camera. I wrote some pretty sweet music for it too. Kind of dumb, but kind of funny too. I still need to figure out how to export the movie with the music out of Logic so I can post them on YouTube. 

I also started filling out some job applications for some jobs in Madison, library and park services. At this point I just want to have some source of income when May roles around. It seems that the Madison area might be best for multiple reasons, so I'm working on the regular job search there for now.

All in all, a very productive weekend, and I'm guessing that's when most things will get done. But I'm ok with that, just as long as shit keeps getting done.

-Growing anxious, but still very excited