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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Fishmas

Alrighty, so the new year is days away and I have some things that need to start and things that I need to finish soon. First, I got two books I really wanted for Christmas that I've talked about before, the Daily Reader/Writer. They're dated for everyday starting January 1. I'm excited for those to start and believe that it will keep me on track. Also got 3 other books I asked for that I'm very excited to read. I love me some good reading.

I also need to record and send in my video for the MATC scholarship contest. My vision is becoming clearer and I really believe it will work out and that I have a good shot.

My short term goal for my writing dreams, should nothing work out with MATC, is that I will have a few articles published be the end of the year and have an overall clearer sense of where and what I need to write. It'd also be nice to make a few bucks. But, you never know where my path will take me. Who knows, I may win that scholarship and start building my portfolio that way. Merry Fishmas one and all. (It's a Simpsons thing, before they sucked.)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Taking a Hit this week

So this week has been riddled with concerts and additional obligations that are not in the usual scope of things. As a result, my goals have taken a bit of a hit this week. Today is the first time I'm writing and reading this week. Ugh. But this is a really busy time and if I'm going to keep up my sleep and energy, something has to be sacrificed, and this week it's some goals.

No matter, next week I'll start fresh and do work. Hard to believe next week is Christmas already...Time flies when you have a job that is repetitive and meaningless. The days really run together and my routine (sans this week) has been quite consistent.

I came up with a pretty rough draft of what I want to do for my MATC video. It's going to be hard just using my Macbook camera, but doable. I'm pretty confident I'll at least be a runner-up.

Also, Kristen bought me LEGO Batman for Christmas, and it is awesome.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Going swimmingly, one might say

Well, the weekend is here. If nothing else, UPS is teaching me valuable real life experience. For instance, the phrase TGIF is no longer just a weird restaurant I've never eaten at but always looked suspect, but the weekend really is a safe haven, especially for us labor goons. In college, it was more of a time to procrastinate and drink heavily. These are things that change with age I suppose.

But anyways, I am semi-finalist in the competition for free tuition for 2 years at MATC, which is damned exciting. I never even considered that I would actually be accepted for anything, especially as my story doesn't seem all that compelling, compared to hardships others face. But maybe nobody else entered, hahaha.

I did indeed get some Christmas shopping done this week and have kept pace with my reading and writing. These things excite me. I know if I didn't make these weekly goals it would never happen. So I'm glad that I'm sticking to my guns. It's a good feeling.

I have not quit UPS, even though they are acting like douche-holes. But under the advice of one of my drivers, I'm not letting them get in my head. I just want the paycheck. I even wrote about UPS this week as one of my writings. Boo-yah.

Well, this weekend I'll finish the last days for goals then come up with a new list for next week, check it twice, and do work. TGIF.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

I remember snow days

Damn that facebook and the constant reminders that everyone else has a snow day. UPS, the company that prides itself on the safety of its employees, made everyone come in this morning, and every driver come in. The best way to describe the weather is not frightful, but definitely not safe. They were closing ramps off the interstate...the interstate people. And a lot of these drivers have routes through the country roads of the Sauk county area. Unreal.

Anyways, I've decided to make my snow day from now until around 6 or 8. Then I stop drinking and the like. If everyone else round these parts gets a snow day, so do I.

To top it off, I'm still writing and reading today. I'm impressed with myself. I've made some interesting writings this week so far. Some good brainstorming came out for the BNR, and I've started reading Marley and Me, which is pretty good so far. I also have a long list of books I need to plow through soon. In due time. But now, it is time to drink. It's 5 o'clock somewhere, actually around the Madrid area. Boo-yah.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

A New Week of Goals

A new week is upon us and that means I need to get together my goals for this week. I will keep this up. Okedoke, this week should be easier than last. But here we go.

First, we'll get out the standards right away.
1) I will not quit UPS this week, no matter how terrible they treat me, or how backed up I get. This week the start times are even earlier... tomorrow I have to get up at 2:15...a few weeks ago, I wouldn't even have gone to bed that early...ugh.

2) I WILL write and read everyday. As I said before, some good writing came out of last week. This week I will start reading either Marley and Me or one of the Chuck Klosterman books that I haven't read for a while. I'm pretty pumped.

3) I WILL finish the adjustments for Kristen's tunes tomorrow. It shouldn't take too long, but I did not have the energy for it this weekend.

4) This isn't so much a goal as something that is going to happen, but I'll be hearing about whether my loans will get deferred or not this week. I'll have to follow through with whatever happens.

5) Tiny goal, I will do some Christmas shopping this week...yup.

So yes, not a whole lot going on this week, but they are all things that need to be done. I'm going to really brainstorm ideas for articles for the Baraboo News Republic. Let's make that another goal...10 article ideas. More updates soon.

Saturday, December 5, 2009


That's right everyone, I did it. All of the goals I set, in their original form, are completed. Today I finished Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and am currently writing. BOOM. I realize that because of the added song Kristen asked me to do that extra song that I am not TECHNICALLY done, but that wasn't a part of the deal. IT WASN'T PART!!! And the reason those had to be done was so that a CD could go out to the teachers by Friday, which it did.

The big one that I finished yesterday, with an added bonus, is the registration with the sauk county job center. It didn't take long and it inspired a piece of writing that was kind of hard to write. When I got home, I also applied for the additional deferment on my student loans. I should find out in a few days whether or not they will accept, which they damn well better.

Out of all my writing this week, two good pieces came out of it. This would not have happened if I hadn't kept the craft up and gotten the crappy writing out. In addition, finishing that book made me feel quite productive. Under normal circumstances, I would have dragged those last 70 pages out for a good month. But no, not with my goals. Now I get to move on to a new book with a clean slate, no leftovers. This is something that I haven't gotten to do in a while.

Oh, and I didn't quit UPS, boo-yah.

I'll have to reflect on everything today in order to decide what next week's goals should be. Obviously, not quitting UPS and reading and writing everyday will be constants, but I'm not sure on the other variables right now. It's hard to gauge how reading a book will go sometimes, time-wise. And I need to pick one out... Anyways, I'm very happy with how this week turned out and am excited to keep this purpose filled drive going. Do or do not. There is no try.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

So far so good

So, we're at mid-week, and my goals have gone swimmingly. Just a few seconds ago, I finished putting together/exporting/burning all the tunes Kristen asked me to do....only to give me one more, but I still consider it a success, as I don't have to have it done this week. SO, badaboom. I have to say, they sound pretty good, even out of computer speakers, and that usually reveals alot for me. I suppose they could have been a bit more polished, but A) time was a huge factor and B) these kids have never had a decent program before and I'm sure the families will be blown away by anything. Plus, I'm sure I hear the little things more than everyone else. All in all, I am very satisfied with the end product. Cross that off the list.

Despite UPS's best efforts, I have not quit yet this week either. They took away one of my 4 trucks to make things easier and it really did help, but as of today, the busiest day so far, they added one back in the line-up, completely running me down. I worked through break to catch up, but it didn't matter at the end of the day. I also stopped sweating after about 3 hours because I ran out of fluids to sweat out. Ugh. It was pretty terrible, but it's their own damn fault. They know I can't handle 4, I've talked to them about it, and they still ignore, which pisses me off, royally. But I'm sticking it out for now. We'll see for how long. A half check on that one, as the week is not over, but I don't foresee leaving this week.

Went to the pseudo-interview on Monday and was asked to shadow for a day to see if it'd be something that I'd have a passion for. I am very open to it and look forward to my shot at a real job that won't destroy my life. Check that shit off.

I have been writing every day (and I have decided that a blog does count...this time) and reading every day. Yesterday was mostly Writer's Digest blogs and stories, and today was a thorough reading of the Baraboo News Republic. Monday was the apex though, finished half of Fear and Loathing. A lot better than I thought it would be actually. Hunter S. Thompson's writing style is very unique, but I don't see many similarities between us, which is fine. It's good to see other things and experience different styles. I do feel that this is helping me learn. If only I wasn't a prick in high school in regards to English. After freshman year I didn't do any required reading, all spark notes. What a douche. I plan to read most of those books in the coming months, especially the classics. These are things that need/will happen. Another half check for this goal, as the week is far from over and I haven't finished the book yet. It will happen, and I will keep writing. I really feel a sense of accomplishment and pride from this particular goal.

I have not registered at the Sauk County job center yet this week, but I still have two days, and I don't think it will take too long. A necessary inconvenience I guess. Still, bullocks to it.

That's all for now, an update on the goal-age will come on Sunday at the latest, methinks. It will probably be entitled, GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAALLLLL, as exclaimed by a Hispanic Futbol announcer.