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Sunday, December 6, 2009

A New Week of Goals

A new week is upon us and that means I need to get together my goals for this week. I will keep this up. Okedoke, this week should be easier than last. But here we go.

First, we'll get out the standards right away.
1) I will not quit UPS this week, no matter how terrible they treat me, or how backed up I get. This week the start times are even earlier... tomorrow I have to get up at 2:15...a few weeks ago, I wouldn't even have gone to bed that early...ugh.

2) I WILL write and read everyday. As I said before, some good writing came out of last week. This week I will start reading either Marley and Me or one of the Chuck Klosterman books that I haven't read for a while. I'm pretty pumped.

3) I WILL finish the adjustments for Kristen's tunes tomorrow. It shouldn't take too long, but I did not have the energy for it this weekend.

4) This isn't so much a goal as something that is going to happen, but I'll be hearing about whether my loans will get deferred or not this week. I'll have to follow through with whatever happens.

5) Tiny goal, I will do some Christmas shopping this week...yup.

So yes, not a whole lot going on this week, but they are all things that need to be done. I'm going to really brainstorm ideas for articles for the Baraboo News Republic. Let's make that another goal...10 article ideas. More updates soon.

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