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Friday, December 11, 2009

Going swimmingly, one might say

Well, the weekend is here. If nothing else, UPS is teaching me valuable real life experience. For instance, the phrase TGIF is no longer just a weird restaurant I've never eaten at but always looked suspect, but the weekend really is a safe haven, especially for us labor goons. In college, it was more of a time to procrastinate and drink heavily. These are things that change with age I suppose.

But anyways, I am semi-finalist in the competition for free tuition for 2 years at MATC, which is damned exciting. I never even considered that I would actually be accepted for anything, especially as my story doesn't seem all that compelling, compared to hardships others face. But maybe nobody else entered, hahaha.

I did indeed get some Christmas shopping done this week and have kept pace with my reading and writing. These things excite me. I know if I didn't make these weekly goals it would never happen. So I'm glad that I'm sticking to my guns. It's a good feeling.

I have not quit UPS, even though they are acting like douche-holes. But under the advice of one of my drivers, I'm not letting them get in my head. I just want the paycheck. I even wrote about UPS this week as one of my writings. Boo-yah.

Well, this weekend I'll finish the last days for goals then come up with a new list for next week, check it twice, and do work. TGIF.

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