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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Merry Fishmas

Alrighty, so the new year is days away and I have some things that need to start and things that I need to finish soon. First, I got two books I really wanted for Christmas that I've talked about before, the Daily Reader/Writer. They're dated for everyday starting January 1. I'm excited for those to start and believe that it will keep me on track. Also got 3 other books I asked for that I'm very excited to read. I love me some good reading.

I also need to record and send in my video for the MATC scholarship contest. My vision is becoming clearer and I really believe it will work out and that I have a good shot.

My short term goal for my writing dreams, should nothing work out with MATC, is that I will have a few articles published be the end of the year and have an overall clearer sense of where and what I need to write. It'd also be nice to make a few bucks. But, you never know where my path will take me. Who knows, I may win that scholarship and start building my portfolio that way. Merry Fishmas one and all. (It's a Simpsons thing, before they sucked.)

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