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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Updates aplenty

Alright alright alright. Been a little while since I've written on here as a source of my daily writing. But I since I got those two books for daily reading/writing I have been writing a lot more. Even if I've missed a day, I've made up for it and have written for every exercise given to me. They are challenging to say the least. So far, many of the topics and methods prescribed are not my usual tactics and I really do think that it is pushing me. Unfortunately nothing of real caliber has come of it yet, but I'm definitely establishing my voice in every piece I've written. I think that's part of it and is really cool to see come through. The lessons in there are reminiscent to my creative writing class and reminds me why I started to fall in love with writing again. The thing that I've come to terms with about writing is that if I'm going to really be successful with this, is that I really need to be dedicated. The main thing that I never did with music or composition (that I probably should have) is do it every day. And that is exactly what I'm striving for right now, and have kept it up longer than ever before. This is really important to me.

I also need to finish up that video for the MATC scholarship dealy. It has been kind of a pain in the ass, but I think that it will come together in the end. With all the dialogue I have written, it came out a lot longer than it needs to be, 2 minutes. So I'm going to do some editing and restructuring. I'm confident that I'll win something on this one, if it isn't the full scholarship.

UPS still blows and unless I quit or get fired, I don't believe I will mention it anymore in this blog as it is not an important part of my life, and I hate it so much that it angers me to talk about it. End of demo.

OH! Kristen and I went to see Sherlock Holmes last weekend. It was f-ing awesome. RDJ's British accent was great and had a fantastic take on the character. I was afraid they were going to try and make him some sort of action hero and too brawny, but the way they demonstrated his methods and thought process was really amazing. It was vintage Guy Ritchie with the camera angles and effects. Jude Law definitely kept everything together and added continuity to the movie. He was a perfect Watson, despite his lack of portliness. A fantastic moustache too. The villain was also amazing. I've never seen him before, but he would make a great Dracula. It was very entertaining and I love every second of it. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves good movies.


  1. Nice to have you writing again.
    Funny that we went to school to become journalists/ personalities, but nothing helped us determine what our individual styles where. Disappointing to look back on Sam Martino hitting me over the head with an AP book and making me sound more newspaper-like.