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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

2010, need more updates

Alright alright alright, so I haven't been doing so hot on the blog update front. Most of my writing and crap has come out in my daily writing through those two, previously mentioned books. But here we go anyways.

I've read two books this month and both of them were complete worthwhile. The Steve Almond book was pretty good. It wasn't as fantastic as I was hoping, but very real. His chapters were extremely long, which was both fantastic and terrible. If there was a topic I wanted to really hear about it was great to hear more. But about 35% of the time there would be a topic I did not give a shit about and wanted to be over within a few pages. It was definitely motivation to keep reading and finish it though. His style was a lot more frank and less Larry, HA. But seriously, it was very real and down to earth, but not in the same way as Klosterman. He is a bit more, I hate to say it, edgy. It is definitely different and I am considering buying another book to see if I like it as much as I want to. We'll see.

The other book I just finished today was the new Chuck Klosterman book Eating the Dinosaur. It was fantastic, a collection of essays about weird and interesting things. I found his writing to be even more thought-provoking. Great topics and I never wanted to put it down. A very quick read. If I wasn't about to read the Kurt Vonnegut book my brother got me, I would reread all of Klosterman's books (which I recently found out is pronounced "Close-terman.")

Another book I bought and received through the postal service (not UPS) is the Beginning Writer's Answer Book. So far it has posed great questions and responded well. It's pretty big and was relatively cheap. Good purchase, and it makes me look smart.

I'm really anxious for next Thursday at the MATC gala. It will be a huge thing if I actually win this. My life could change big time. I don't want get my hopes up, but I've never been a semi-finalist for something like this. I guess I'm expecting big things. Oh well, at the very least I get to say "I was a semi-finalist in an essay contest."


  1. Boy howdy - when did you find out you were a semi-finalist?

  2. December, that's why I had to make a video, as a semi-finalist