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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glad I could help/No bites from the carp

Dear CuckooNookoo:

I'm glad my blog helped with the 3DK thing. Essentially what happened was after I interviewed, rode along for what was basically door to door sales, and got offered the job. My family was skeptical and encouraged me to do some more research. After I swallowed my pride, I checked it out and got the story from 3DK themselves, told me that Michael Sessions is the guy who started the company that 3DK branched from. I typed in "3DK" and "Scam" and found a few hits. Then, I typed in Michael Sessions on it's own and all I got were scam reports. All the reports documented exactly what I went through, going on to say they never got paid after a month and a half of work. It was eerie how accurate those reports were. I never called them again, and they called me in May and left an awkward message. I've never heard anything since. But an acquaintance worked there while I interviewed. I never got her exact story, but about a month later, I saw she was unemployed, along with her fiancé. That was it. A few months after that, I met another person who had the same experience as me. Also, another website designer friend of mine said their website SCREAMED scam. So Boom. There you have it.

In other news, I have had no luck with any of my recent applications. Not even the radio station in Mauston. I also reapplied for the best buy job the was virtually MADE for me. Fingers crossed.

I have, however, had a lot of creative success lately. Finished 2 songs over the last 3 days. One that I really don't like anymore, and one that I think is pretty freaking good. The crap song is one that I took a while to write, used loop drums and guitars in the initial recording of it. As it went on, I tried to substitute keyboards for the guitars, as I have been having great success with purely keyboarded tunes. It didn't really work, but I started recording vocals anyways. It started coming together a bit when I started using a limited number of keyboards and effects and linking them throughout, but still, it didn't work.

The second song worked so much better. I just sat down at the MIDI keyboard, did a simple chord progression, and kept it really simple. Within 2 hours I had all the parts recorded. Today, I wrote the melody and did some lyrics. Did that real fast too. Then I made a simple guitar solo for the middle, just very unique and easy, but it fit so perfect. It sounds fantastic.

Speed seems to be a factor in the success of my tunes. I'm glad I finished the crappy one and saw it all the way through, but I think I need to be faster. We'll see.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How now brown cow

Still on the hunt for a good job that is NOT Barnes and Noble...because they blow. I did have a very long application process going on this morning at a radio station half an hour north-ish of Baraboo. It's an advertising/sales position I guess. They haven't really let me know exactly what I'm applying for. I stopped the lady after my second of 4 tests/applications and asked, but she was kind of vague. It does seem, however, that I would be writing copy (ads) for clients, which is something that I'm very interested in doing.

Anything to get away from that awful place of employment, known as Barnes and Noble.

By the way, after two lectures on my poor selling of memberships, I was number one this past week for membership renewals. And I did not change one thing about my "selling technique." Eat shit assholes. Eat shit and die.


Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Going for it/Lost in Translation=Awesome

Quick update: Barnes and Noble still sucks and I believe my boss hates me. I've never had this difficulty getting along with so many people before.

In other news, I have decided to go for the Onion editorial internship. We'll see if they want me, but at least I tried. If there's one thing I believe, it's that anyone can improve their situation in life, and that is what I am attempting to do.

Had my first promotional event last night at the High Noon Saloon in Madtown. After getting lost on one street, I finally found the place, with some much needed phone guidance. But it was as easy as pumpkin pie. Had two free blue moon's, watched an amazing opening band, and an absolutely terrible headliner. Funny how that stuff works out. Still, really great resume addition with minimum work. Can't complain about that.

Almost made a new song today, but it just didn't jive well. So, I made a mini recording of the idea and will sit on it for a while. That works some times.

After buying the movie "Lost in Translation" a few months ago and watching it once in two sittings, I decided to watch it again. Amazing. I love that type of movie that capture real life situations and raw emotion. Rather than whimsical places and over the top theatrics, it is simple and pure. The characters don't need to say how they feel, but you know. The music is chosen and written in a way that emphasizes the scene. I believe that is what I love about Wes Anderson movies too. The stories may not always been realistic, but the emotions are. Oh yes, and Bill Murray is the man, and he grows a mean beard.

That reminds me, Wes Anderson's new movie comes out soon, the "Fantastic Mr. Fox" I believe. I saw a trailer online and it looks awesome. I am excited. I am very excited.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad Timing, but New Things Amidst

So, I have this Onion promotions internship. We had our first meeting/orientation a few days ago and then I found out about another internship with the Onion. An editorial internship which sounds right up my alley. Unfortunately it requires that I be there four days a week and I'm trying to get my hours in at Barnes and Noble. Of course, the hours that I've been scheduled for are usually 11-7, putting the necessary afternoons right smack in the middle of that. Poo poo. Part of me really wants to go for it and add some more debt onto the pile, but the more sane side says that it will probably be open again in another 4 months, and I can save up some money now so I can successfully do the internship later. It's lame, but that's what I've decided. I need to get my financials in order before I take anymore huge risks. It does seem like a great way to work my way into the writing world, but it is in fact bad timing.

In other news, I finally recorded and worked out a song I've been playing around with for about a week. It all came together this morning and I hammered it out. Part of the reason I was so successful at it was because I knew that it has to be today to do it before another week goes by. That's part of the shittyness of this job, but I guess if I'm able to get my creativity out when I need to, it isn't the worst. But anyways, it's another hymn-like progression, spiced up a bit. I avoided using drums because A) I'm tired of fake drums and B) because I wanted to limit myself a little bit more. On my last two songs, I've not used any guitar, bass or drums, which is almost the exact opposite of how I normally work. I consider both songs to be good and some of my finest work.

Almost done with the "Write what you want and sell what you write" book. It has definitely helped, but I thought it would've done more for me. Regardless, not a terrible purchase. Soon I'll start my new Bowie book as well. Excited for that.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Hinderance more than Help

So, Barnes and Noble, not so great. I did, however, get an internship with the Onion. But that hasn't started yet. Anyways, Barnes and Noble is pretty terrible. Instead of being a place where I can do my work and go home, it has become a temple of shittyness. Crappy training and douchey co-workers, on top of a 40 minute drive. Also, the shifts I'm scheduled for are smack in the middle of everything. No time to do anything creatively all the way through. If I start, I cannot finish. When I get home, no energy to do anything. Not what I wanted from a job I don't actually want.

The worst part of it is that I have a great song idea that I would love to hash out. It is starting to bug me. For some reason, I've been gravitating towards "hymn-like" progressions and attempting to make them modern. Kind of weird, but it seems to be working pretty decently.

Also debating whether or not I want to contact this singer/songwriter dude I found on craigslist looking for collaborators. He also has a myspace and sounds pretty legitimate. But, the dude sounds a bit too folky for my taste, Dylan-esque. On the other hand, it could be a creative outlet and an opportunity to play live. He claims to play a few times a week, so I'm thinking about it.

To sum it up, I'm still job hunting. I need a job where I either enjoy it, or can leave it, go home and resume my creativity. Let us hope for more good things to come.