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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Glad I could help/No bites from the carp

Dear CuckooNookoo:

I'm glad my blog helped with the 3DK thing. Essentially what happened was after I interviewed, rode along for what was basically door to door sales, and got offered the job. My family was skeptical and encouraged me to do some more research. After I swallowed my pride, I checked it out and got the story from 3DK themselves, told me that Michael Sessions is the guy who started the company that 3DK branched from. I typed in "3DK" and "Scam" and found a few hits. Then, I typed in Michael Sessions on it's own and all I got were scam reports. All the reports documented exactly what I went through, going on to say they never got paid after a month and a half of work. It was eerie how accurate those reports were. I never called them again, and they called me in May and left an awkward message. I've never heard anything since. But an acquaintance worked there while I interviewed. I never got her exact story, but about a month later, I saw she was unemployed, along with her fiancé. That was it. A few months after that, I met another person who had the same experience as me. Also, another website designer friend of mine said their website SCREAMED scam. So Boom. There you have it.

In other news, I have had no luck with any of my recent applications. Not even the radio station in Mauston. I also reapplied for the best buy job the was virtually MADE for me. Fingers crossed.

I have, however, had a lot of creative success lately. Finished 2 songs over the last 3 days. One that I really don't like anymore, and one that I think is pretty freaking good. The crap song is one that I took a while to write, used loop drums and guitars in the initial recording of it. As it went on, I tried to substitute keyboards for the guitars, as I have been having great success with purely keyboarded tunes. It didn't really work, but I started recording vocals anyways. It started coming together a bit when I started using a limited number of keyboards and effects and linking them throughout, but still, it didn't work.

The second song worked so much better. I just sat down at the MIDI keyboard, did a simple chord progression, and kept it really simple. Within 2 hours I had all the parts recorded. Today, I wrote the melody and did some lyrics. Did that real fast too. Then I made a simple guitar solo for the middle, just very unique and easy, but it fit so perfect. It sounds fantastic.

Speed seems to be a factor in the success of my tunes. I'm glad I finished the crappy one and saw it all the way through, but I think I need to be faster. We'll see.

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  1. Thanks! 3DK is basically spamming the job boards. I'm glad to have the opportunity to hear something that deviates from their, let's face it, propaganda. Thanks for the honest heads up.

    Good luck on your job search. I know it's rough out there. I believe things will get easier. I'm sure you'll find something, in time. And you can be sure I'll keep reading. :)