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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Bad Timing, but New Things Amidst

So, I have this Onion promotions internship. We had our first meeting/orientation a few days ago and then I found out about another internship with the Onion. An editorial internship which sounds right up my alley. Unfortunately it requires that I be there four days a week and I'm trying to get my hours in at Barnes and Noble. Of course, the hours that I've been scheduled for are usually 11-7, putting the necessary afternoons right smack in the middle of that. Poo poo. Part of me really wants to go for it and add some more debt onto the pile, but the more sane side says that it will probably be open again in another 4 months, and I can save up some money now so I can successfully do the internship later. It's lame, but that's what I've decided. I need to get my financials in order before I take anymore huge risks. It does seem like a great way to work my way into the writing world, but it is in fact bad timing.

In other news, I finally recorded and worked out a song I've been playing around with for about a week. It all came together this morning and I hammered it out. Part of the reason I was so successful at it was because I knew that it has to be today to do it before another week goes by. That's part of the shittyness of this job, but I guess if I'm able to get my creativity out when I need to, it isn't the worst. But anyways, it's another hymn-like progression, spiced up a bit. I avoided using drums because A) I'm tired of fake drums and B) because I wanted to limit myself a little bit more. On my last two songs, I've not used any guitar, bass or drums, which is almost the exact opposite of how I normally work. I consider both songs to be good and some of my finest work.

Almost done with the "Write what you want and sell what you write" book. It has definitely helped, but I thought it would've done more for me. Regardless, not a terrible purchase. Soon I'll start my new Bowie book as well. Excited for that.

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