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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How now brown cow

Still on the hunt for a good job that is NOT Barnes and Noble...because they blow. I did have a very long application process going on this morning at a radio station half an hour north-ish of Baraboo. It's an advertising/sales position I guess. They haven't really let me know exactly what I'm applying for. I stopped the lady after my second of 4 tests/applications and asked, but she was kind of vague. It does seem, however, that I would be writing copy (ads) for clients, which is something that I'm very interested in doing.

Anything to get away from that awful place of employment, known as Barnes and Noble.

By the way, after two lectures on my poor selling of memberships, I was number one this past week for membership renewals. And I did not change one thing about my "selling technique." Eat shit assholes. Eat shit and die.



  1. What happened with your job at 3DK? I'm also a recent college graduate from Southeastern Wisconsin, and I was considering working there, but I started doing research and found your blog. After more research, I canceled my interview. But, I'm still curious. All I know is you were going to work there...and then you started work at Barnes and Noble. What happened? Please share!

  2. by the way, how did you find my blog?