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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Well well well

OK, so for the last few weeks I've been feverishly looking and applying for jobs. Today I had an interview and I guess I nailed it because I got called back for an entire day on friday. Looks like that work is finally paying off. The job has nothing to do with music or any of that, but it does involve advertising and marketing. 

So that means I haven't had much time for projects and the like. I guess I'm close to not graduating (which I'm hopefully going to clear up in an hour or so) and apparently have to do audio practicum again. It's basically a individual course where you get practical experience guessed it, audio. I'm trying to finagle it so that I can use this to make promos for music events instead of the same old set-up/tear-down. And maybe make a guide to do this usual stuff. I really hope that works, that way I will have no choice but to work on the projects.

I did create a spy-brian setzer-esque little theme song that I thought would work well for opening credits of a show like "Getting away with murder" on But that is basically all I've done. Here's to hoping for more time....and a job.


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