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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Boom shakalaka

So I got a job. Nearly no one seems as thrilled as I am. I mean come on, to have a salary, albeit weekly, based job immediately after college? How awesome do I have to be? And no, it's not really what I want to do with my life, but neither is working as a custodian, but I did that too. This has opportunities for advancement, great pay, and it has healthcare, HEALTH CARE! So at the very least, and this is as pessimistic as I'll go at this point, it will build me resume with great sales experience, and I'll have had a salary based job, and I will have made some good money. These are the worst things that could come out of this, and that's if I hate the job. 

Who knows, I could love it, be really good at it and make shit tons of money. Seriously people (family in particular) let me make my own mistakes, if it is indeed one. 

I suppose I should describe the job a little, seeing as I am griping about people hating it. So what I will do is go to businesses who already have AT&T and try to save them money/upgrade their system, add lines, and all that mumbo jumbo. So no, I'm not selling anything, these people already have AT&T and saving them money doesn't even include extra money for me. Commission is based on what they change about their current plan. But I can still save them money and not make jack shit. SO, I travel to cities and save current customers money. Not so bad. One might even call it, doing a good deed. Good karma is coming my way my friends. 

So no, I didn't go to school for this, but yes, I am good with people and enjoy helping them. I also happen to enjoy making good money, as opposed to bad money. 

Like I said, if I hate it that much, I am not one to sit idly and take it. I will quit if I'm that unhappy and find a new job. But seriously, to have a job waiting for me right out of college is awesome, and to have it not be fast food or cheap labor or anything like that is also awesome. This is a legitimate "big boy" job.

And it is not like I'm going to stop writing and recording, seriously, that's what I do, why would I stop. 

No matter how many ways you slice it, I made a good choice, and unless someone offers me a better job (which no one has, at all) I'll be working for 3DK consulting in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin as of late May.

Good for me.

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