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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Mad World

So the job interview was a total dud, but up the way we go, onwards and upwards. First rehearsal for King's Gentlemen since we recorded the EP is tonite, with the addition of a new member. I'm a little nervous seeing as we play the radio station's fund drive in a little over a month from now. Hopefully things aren't that rusty. 

I had an idea today during an extremely unnecessarily long orchestra concert. This movement of a piece was soooo long and it was suggested to me that I try and put together an electronic composition for the student composers concert next month. So, I decided it might be hilarious to have a multi-movement piece with the first movement being of normal length, and the second consisting of either one note, or a simple cadence and then be done. This would be so shocking for the audience, I can't wait. I would love it if I didn't have to write anything out and just make it. I'm envisioning one player and a pre-recorded tape part. What the instrument will be is yet to be determined, I'm leaning towards a clean electric guitar with delay, but we'll see. I love how my entire basis for creating this is to mess with the audience and create the shortest movement of a piece EVER. Hilarious.

It appears that I'll be making another pilgrimage to the sacred Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Ohio this spring break. I'm excited to bask in the awesomeness that is the oh so hallowed hall. I'm assuming some quality inspiration will come out of this. 

Job search still on, found a few advertising agencies in Wisconsin I'll be sending my resume into this week, hoping good things come of it.

All for now.
When in doubt, think of Lincoln.

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