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Friday, March 27, 2009

Keep on keeping on

More things going on. My brother asked me to throw together pieces of a tune that him, his girlfriend and her brother wrote and make it sounds better. So I re-recorded all the parts, sans Erin's vocals, and put in some new parts, and it turned out great. She really liked it apparently and is putting it in her new video for this contest she's winning. Glad I could be a part.

It's been slow goings on the LEGO composition, very little has come out of my efforts since the official start. I'm hesitant to go too rock and roll on it, but it may fit. I need to keep writing, trying different things, even if they're shit. Tomorrow will be a work day for me, try and compose as much as possible. 

Started practicing tuba again this week for my easter gig. Holy cow, haven't played since last 4th of July, and it shows. But I've gained alot back quickly and will be fine for this jesus-loving performance. I have decided to never let it go this long ever again though. It has taken way too much work to get it back. At least bi-yearly, at LEAST.

I got a car this week, so things are headed up in that direction. I now have the ability to transport myself around without being dependent on others. However, the probability of me moving back home after graduation is becoming higher and higher. Trying desperately to find a job still.

Other than that, KG is still on to play fund drive for the radio station, and much attention has been dedicated to that as well. School starts back up monday, and the loss of time is incurred as well. But I'll have the great memories from this last weekend to thrill and drive me. It was fantastic and I couldn't be happier with how it went. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was STILL absolutely fantastic. I will never be sick of going to that place. It is truly a great experience. I thought of applying there, but I'm not sure if I can afford to drive down there and back for an interview for a small position like the ones they're offering. We'll see. But in the mean time, 

keep on keeping on for me.

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