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Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Switching on the Lights when they're already on

Have you ever switched on the lights in a room after they're already turned on? I did that twice today, it was weird.

Anyways, it's coming down to the final wire here. For real. Less than two weeks from now, I will be graduated and moved into to my first non-college apartment with my girlfriend. Ch ch ch changes. All good no doubt though. I'm getting nervous about a Physics final...cummulative. Basically if I bomb it, I will not graduate. Ugh. 

But in the realm of projects, I just need to sit down with some organic instruments and be done with the LEGO music. I love what I have so far, but there is only so much one can do with MIDI on a computer without an actual keyboard. Also, almost done with the write-up for the live sound set-up. Once again, just need to sit down at home and draw up some crap on "paint," which Macs apparently do not have.

Speaking of live sound, next sunday I will be recording a very large jazz ensemble, all on my own. I haven't even been thinking of it that much, but I'm pretty calm about it. I do know what I'm doing, it's just keeping a straight head on when problems come up, and I use my troubleshooting skills. Should be no problem with the right preparation, and I feel like I'm prepared. Ipso Facto, no problem.

About done with my creative writing portfolio. Like all other projects, I just need to sit down, print everything, compile it into a folder, and write my letter of evaluation. 

Almost there, then things get funky, but I'm sure I'll still turn on lights that are already on.

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