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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Predators and Crows

This has been bugging me for a few weeks now and I need to see if other people feel the same way. Next week Adrien Brody will star in another Predator movie, this time it's Predators. I will be the first to admit that I love the first Predator will AAAAAAHHHHNAALLLD, Carl Weathers, and Jesse The Body Ventura. However, I never watched any sequels and heard terrible things about all of them, especially Alien Vs. Predator. (Small confession: I have never seen all of any Alien movie.) Now, the new movie is coming out with the premise that elite humans/convicts/killers are placed on the Predator's home planet, "a game reserve" as Adrien Brody says in the trailer. Ok, Brody put on about 25 lbs of pure muscle for this role and he is no idiot, but I have issues with the plot we've been fed in trailer form. The main reason the first movie works for me is because it's one Predator vs. a group of commandos. He hunts several highly trained badasses by himself. One taking out many, awesome. Here, it seems as though it's another group of humans, not affiliated with each other in any way, are up against an entire planet of these superhuman dreadlock toting hunters. Not fair at all. If the humans end up winning and blowing up the planet or something, I will be extremely pissed. This movie should last about 2 minutes. I'll probably still see it, but I really have my doubts. There has to be one Predator damn it!

I'll stop with the movies for a second.

It's been hard to get new music with the loss of one of the greatest websites known to man, It's been over a month and I'm really feeling it. Every time I hear one song on the radio of a band I enjoy, or read a review of a new album, I yearn to venture to Lala and check the rest of it out for free. One listen to an entire album, makes iTunes look like a bunch of spoiled children who won't share their precious toys with the underprivileged kid next door. I truly am pissed with Apple for buying out Lala and not incorporating that simple premise to their money grubbing website. However, I did go and buy a Counting Crows album along with the Crazy Heart soundtrack.
The CD August and Everything After is supposedly their best and first successful album. It also contains a track which contains the lyric "between the buried and me," where one of my favorite bands of all time got it's name from. I figured if they were enough of an influence on BTBAM, they'd be worth a shot. Turns out I was right. I would have never dreamed of listening to this music even two years ago, but it has a place in my catalog now. Adam Duritz's vocal stylings occasionally start to all sound the same, but overall this is a good record to own.

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