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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Holiday Madness

The hectic holidays are finally through, which means I can finally get back into a regular writing routine. I have been making a lot music lately, but my writing has been suffering. By the way, I created a bandcamp for myself under the pseudonym of Cranston. Cranston is the last name of the alter ego of The Shadow, Lamont Cranston. I found it fitting for the music I have created. If you have time, check it out: Cranston-Bandcamp

Here's my first promptly of the new year. I'll keep improving as I get back into a steady schedule, always do. But this is obviously not my best work. Either way, enjoy!

Craft a story featuring a cell phone, a lost and found box, and a blizzard.

Lisa was working at the resort when the blizzard hit. It was unexpected and swift, as most blizzards are, rendering the area completely useless. A great whiteness washed over everything. At least the blind know how to move around without their sight. Those with sight would squint until they couldn’t squint anymore.

The snow was still falling in heavy quantities when Lisa put down her binder. She was the head of the Lost and Found department and the Backcountry Resort and Golf Course. Though she was not enthusiastic about her job, she worked like it. Making calls and e-mails about blankets and cell phones that were left behind by their careless owners was rather tedious. But Lisa enjoyed people and helping them.

“Holy shit…” Lisa said. She was alone.

“When did all this happen?” she thought.

She emerged from behind her bar-like desk and walked towards the huge glass doors. There was pure whiteness outside. Lisa thought she saw an inch or two of the black handrails but couldn’t be sure. Her arms crossed. She stared for a few minutes into the ungodly white light.

You put on quite a show, really had me going…

The ringer broke Lisa’s contemplative and stoic state. She walked back to her desk and picked up her phone, looking back at the snow every few seconds. It was mesmerizing.

“Hello, this is Lisa,” she recited.

There was crackling and a terrible wind noise on the other end.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” She looked at her phone. It showed that a hotel number was calling, which could have been anyone on the resort.

More noise.

“Do you need help? Are you ok?” Lisa continued.

“L…Lisa…” a deep, smoke-ridden voice said. She knew who it was before he had actually gotten her name out: Jonathan from Security.

“Jonathan, where the hell are you? Are you ok?”


“Outside where?”

More crackling and wind noise.

“Jonathan, where are you?”

“Park….ot-“ The phone disconnected.

Lisa ran to the door again, looking into nothing, hoping to see something new. She knew that if she opened the door and went looking for Jonathan she would be able to see even less. The harsh wind would blind her and knock her down. She would need supplies.

The Lost and Found closet held a lot of summer clothes and flip-flops, but there was a bin of swimming goggles. Lisa thought that those might make it a little easier to see. Some poor blind person had left his walking stick. It would work for Lisa now. She donned her winter jacket, hat, and gloves. The goggles were tight but they fit. Lisa strode to the door and pushed. The wind was formidable foe, warning her to stay put. She lowered herself and lunged at the door. It opened enough for her to get out. Her goggles immediately fogged up and the cane had fallen somewhere in the snow. Now she wondered if she would be able to get back in.

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