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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I heart blogging

I was recently reading some recent blog posts of some friends of mine and I really do love blogging. I feel like I can keep in touch with them even I haven't seen some of them in ages. Regardless, I have also been inspired to write in mine today.

I applied to a job this week. Kind of a weird one if you don't know about my past, but the position is for the Director of Traditional Music at the Lutheran Church Kristen and I have been recruited to sing and play bells in since Fall. I honestly believe I can do some good there. It doesn't pay much, but it would be a good move.

I've been writing more and more for that imaginary column I have going right now, the Musical Moods one. I have about 4 pages of material, most of which is pretty good. I'm going to write a page or two more and then find the best of the best and send them in to the local paper, try to get a steady column there. I really think it is a totally untapped market in this area and that I have a good chance of getting something. The great thing is that I really enjoy writing them and feel like they're a good reflection of my personality.

I'm still pissed at MATC, for they are douches.

All for now.


  1. Your comment about the John on my blog put a smile a mile wide on my face. Thank you sir, and I appreciate reading your thoughts as well...

  2. Plenty of Church Musicians in the family. It beats working for UPS, near as I can tell. Just have Dad do the interview and then you can impersonate him. That's what I would do at any rate.

    Godspeed to thee Youngman, Youngman Grand