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Monday, February 15, 2010

Is Oasis really that important

I read the top stories of a music magazine/online publication called NME almost every day. They typically cover stories from bands and artists I actually care about, which definitely does not happen in American publications (NME is British.) When our people care about Pink and Taylor Swift, NME talks about Franz Ferdinand, Blur, Gorrilaz, Rage Against the Machine, Indie bands you've never heard of, and unfortunately...Oasis.

Even before the uber hyped up break-up of the shitty band, NME would have at least two stories on them per week. I'm really curious if Oasis is just that important to the people of England. Do they symbolize a great period of the first rule of British rock since the British invasion? I really don't understand it. I've looked up and down their list of singles and only recognize "Wonderwall." I'm sure if I heard some other songs I'd know them, but none really pop out at me. As a child I just remember getting them confused with R.E.M. and some other band I can't remember. They all sounded the same and it was boring.
Thanks to the reunion of Blur this past summer, I am now aware of a huge conflict that has been going on between Blur and Oasis since their popularity ensued. They apparently were in constant competition, especially for chart ratings. Personally, I don't see why they are remotely similar and why they are in the same boat, except that they must have been competitors for awards and all that crap the whole time. I guess I just don't get it, but any mention of Blur almost always means that Oasis will be involved. And I love me some Blur. Annoying.

Now, the break-up of Oasis. Apparently Noel and Liam Gallagher were having pissing matches and called each other naughty names. Sounds to me like their egos got too big for their stadium sized stages. Back in the day, bands just faded away and nobody cared. VH1 is the only reason people remember half the bands they used to listen to. Since they broke up, Oasis seems to be more in the news than ever, even after the initial "shock" of it all died down. Now we get three times as many stories (apparently the rhythm guitar and bass player aren't doing anything anymore.) But Noel and Liam are forming new bands, neither of who will retain the Oasis moniker. And then there's the drummer, drumming with other people. Who gives a shit? Not this guy.

Perhaps some day this will all become clear, but I don't think I will ever understand the British fascination with Oasis. Liam used a tambourine for Christ's sake. Uncalled for.

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