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Thursday, March 18, 2010

A sort of obsolete vernacular...

So, when I was walking around by a river that runs through Baraboo, (the Baraboo River coincidently) I chanced upon a lone grave marker. It was about 100 feet from the river and in front of a park bench. My first thought is that some young person drowned near there, or a body was found in the area. However, it was for a 82 year old woman named A.J. I sincerely doubt that an 82 year old woman came to her demise by trying to swim across a small river in Baraboo. The only way that this is possible is if she did a yearly swim from one side to the other as a very odd tradition, and she just couldn't cut it anymore. Unlikely.

For whatever reason, viewing this lady's grave whilst listening to Between the Buried and Me and Faith No More triggered a very queer hypothetical in my mind. If you knew that were going to die, from either disease, decapitation and the eventual gangrene that follows, or a prophetic vision...would you change the music you listened to? For instance, if you were a 75 year old would you maybe start listening to Jay-Z to freak out the kids? Or start listening to more Mozart or Bach, sort of a Mach thing, to appear more intelligent, and have people remember you as a sophisticated fellow/fella. Just something to think about.

2 points to anyone who knows what movie the title of this post is from. 1 more for the character. Huzzah!


  1. "The Royal Tenenbaums" (2001) as spake by the likes of Eli Cash, played by Owen Wilson.