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Monday, March 15, 2010

Things I am Looking Forward to

First and foremost, I cannot wait for the brilliant show Bored to Death to come out on DVD. There are episodes floating around the interweb, but I need to be watching those episodes at least once a day. The premise of the show is that a writer (Jason Schwartzman) is struggling to write his second novel and just got dumped by his girlfriend. He also works as a reporter for Ted Danson's character, a pot loving wealthy magazine owner. But here's the kicker, he moonlights as an unlicensed private detective. Zach Galifianakis plays Schwartzman's best friend, a struggling artist who is also trying to donate sperm to lesbians. The show is smart and hilarious. Thank God it was renewed for a second season.

Second, two other DVD releases I am super pumped for: Modern Family and Community. Both are hilarious shows with brilliant acting. Community has gotten exponentially better with time as well. Most of the episodes are on Hulu, but you don't necessarily need to see it from the beginning to understand what's going on or who people are. Zany (not Billy Zane-y) is probably the best way to describe these two shows, but are both worth some LOL-ing. I really do laugh out loud at these shows. Hilarious.

A few movies I am highly anticipating for their theatrical releases: Kick-Ass, Iron Man 2, The Last Airbender, and Inception. I really hope Kick-Ass rocks my world. It has real potential to be magnificent. Nicholas Cage actually looks like an actor in this movie. His Con-Air days seem to far behind him now(insert terrible accent or mullet joke here). Then again, this could be a huge flop. One of the things that bodes well for the film is that they are using an unknown (at least to me) as the nerdy super hero lead. It would have been easy to cast Michael Cera (overused) or Jesse Eisenberg, but they went a different direction. Iron Man 2? Nuff said- my only hope is that the douche packer Mickey Rourke or the EXTREMELY overrated Scarlett Johansson don't ruin the sequel. Don Cheadle as Rhodey? That's what's up. The Last Airbender seems to be a bit of a departure from M. Night Shalamalama Ding Dong's normal work. I despised his last effort, The Happening. It was straight up poor taste. Anyone who casts Marky Mark is always taking a risk anyways. But The Last Airbender looks promising. Maybe it will be a little more a long the lines of my favorite Shamalama Ding Dong movie, Lady in the Water- fantasy sort of stuff. Let's hope it's awesome, or I may lose faith in that Indian Hitchcock. And finally, Inception. I've been a huge Christopher Nolan fan as of late, what with the Batmen movies and Prestige, and Inception looks like it could be just as thrilling and intriguing. I've also enjoyed Leo DiCaprio in his recent roles. Ellen Page from Juno is interesting, but I have trust Nolan's casting. The trailers look like there will be some epic special effects as well.

I feel as though I'm forgetting a few movies, but this'll do for now. I haven't had the time to listen to Jefferson Airplane yet, but plan on it being up by Wednesday night. Yee-haw!


  1. Must say I enjoyed Unbreakable the most out of Night's work. Sixth Sense was straight-up awful. And I havn't seen anything since Lady in the Water, which I did enjoy. He is hit or really, really miss...

  2. I believe you missed the following -


  3. Inception is the most intriguing. Chris Nolan brings the wood, plain and simple.