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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Killing John G

Man oh man. I just watched Memento for the first time ever. I've read about it before in one of my Klosterman books and my curiosity and desire to know what the writing was describing got the best of me. Absolutely fantastic. Aside from the fact that my nose is completely stuffed up and I have had to breathe through my mouth most of the day, it still would have been a jaw dropper for me. The story was so fresh and original. This point is of particular value to me. There are far too many remakes and sequels in current cinematic history. I've mentioned the brilliance of Christopher Nolan many times, and this movie simply hammers the nail into the wall a little further. I realize the story was based off a short story by Nolan's brother, but it still is an original story. Basing a full length film off a short story also impresses me, especially a film of this quality. Originality is key in cinematically thrilling me these days. There has simply been too much of an absence of original stories (and story telling.) Nolan has mastered both of these techniques. The Prestige is also a fantastic display of said talents. Guy Pearce is flawless in the movie. I was totally caught off guard to discover he is actually from a land down under.

Again, narration proves to be a valuable story telling tool for my favorite films. I know the first instinct is to view narration as an aid for the viewer, like we can't figure things out for ourselves. However, this is almost never the case. (Side Note:My narration theory was recently broken by the movie Bride Wars which contained the most pointless narration I have ever witnessed, in addition to being one of the worst movies I've ever seen.) Anyways, the narration in my favorite films (Juno, Thank You for Smoking, etc.) is there to add to plot and character. Again, not because the actors can't display what is being stated, but it simply brings another side of things. You instantly feel connected to the character, like you're interacting, not observing. Observation is for the zoo and biology labs. Being a part of a stranger's story is what makes these experiences worthwhile. We sometimes forget that, but just remember when you were a kid. Almost all children imagine themselves right there along with the main character, like a best friend. We may not consciously think like that anymore, but that still goes on in our brains. Story telling is key. Now I am quite excited to see Nolan's next vehicle, Inception. I've yet to be disappointed by him and I don't think I will.


  1. Saw the full-length Inception trailer this weekend before Iron-Man 2. I thought it was the best part of my movie experience. I peed a little when it came on the screen....

  2. Bride Wars, eh? I was saying "boo-urns."

  3. Guy Pearce after LA Confidential, Memento, and The Count of Monte Cristo should be considered for all of Ed Norton's roles from here on out.