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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Movies and Zipper Ties

First and foremost, happy 70th post to me. Second, I saw Kick-Ass yesterday and was quite pleased. It was an excellent film. There was a line or two that I could have done without and one song choice that made baby Jesus cry, but it did live up to all my expectations. Nicholas Cage was my favorite actor and pretty much made the movie for me. As my friend Zach of All Trades said in his fabulous blog, he channels Adam West's odd and curious speaking pattern for his time as Big Daddy. So good. Plus he has a pretty nice moustache that he extends into a wicked fu manchu when he becomes Big Daddy. Grade A badass.

Also got some Redboxes yesterday, one (my choice) was not terrible, but not good. Another (Kristen's choice) was a very good movie. My movie was a gut instinct choice that I randomly saw on the screen, The Marc Pease Experience. It stars Jason Schwartzman and Ben Stiller and it does have its moments. Schwartzman is a 26 year old who is still living like he's in high school and has an a cappella group that he hopes makes it big. Stiller is the drama/music teacher who is kind of a scum-bag. It basically revolves around the musical The Wiz, which I have never seen, but looks terrible. That did not help the movie's cause. It wasn't terrible, it was just there.

The other one was The Blind Side. I was hesitant at first because I'm not a big fan of underprivelaged kid stories, but this one broke the mold. I'm sure everyone knows the story, so I'll just skip it. Tim McGraw was Sandra Bullock's husband and was actually very good. It was kind of hard to look up Michael Oher's stats from last year with the Ravens, but I'm going to assume he was pretty good professionally seeing as it seems he was next in line for the Offensive Rookie of the Year. It's a touching story, but doesn't really pull at your heart strings too much. A good flick for sure.

Now, I'm onto the zipper ties. I saw this (possibly) new invention yesterday at Kohl's and it vaguely disturbs me. It is basically the new and improved clip on tie. If I hadn't recently learned how to tie my own tie with the help of the interweb, this would probably be first on my list of things to buy. However, a slightly more terrible thought crossed my mind. Could this possibly be another step to compensate for poor fathering? Not to say my father wouldn't have taught me had I asked, but I had beaten the system by simply keeping my ties tied. BRILLIANT. But I see families at the Wilderness all the time, and the parenting seems to be going down the tubes just like the kids down the slides. Zipper ties could just be another way of getting rid of the parental picture. Will velcro be the common thing for dress shoes too? so that parent's don't have to teach kid's to tie their shoes? or will everyone just wear diapers so that potty-training doesn't need to happen. I'm probably over-reacting. The ties do look pretty cool.


  1. The zipper tie picture isn't working. Also, what the hell is a zipper tie?

  2. Wait, the picture is working now. I spoke too soon.

  3. I also thought Tim McGraw's limited role in Friday Night Lights was excellent.