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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who the hell coined the term "Dad Rock" anyway? Probably a Dad.

There have been recent allegations that Wilco is "Dad Rock." Well, I must have a kid I don't know about, cause I love me some Wilco. Here's what frontman Jeff Tweedy had to say about it:

"When people say dad rock, they actually just mean rock. There are a lot of things today that don’t have anything to do with rock music, so when people hear something that makes them think, 'This is derived from some sort of continuation of the rock ethos,' it gets labeled dad rock. And, to me, those people are misguided. I don’t find anything undignified about being a dad or being rocking, you know?"

Yes Jeff, I do know. Here's the thing. Wilco has been around a long time, popular for less long. And what happens when you've been around a while? You get older. So, apparently making quality rock/alternative music in your 40s because your career hasn't fizzled out like every top 40 artist is now a crime punishable by the "dad" music label. Steely Dan has also been somewhat wrongly labeled as dad music, but let's face it, Steely Dan is pretty much the most dad friendly music on the planet. BUT Steely Dan is also an amazing band, influencing more quality music than Nirvana (Nirvana influenced ALOT of bad music). Sorry to burst your bubble "critics," but Dads these days are more inclined to listen to the terrible patriotic
stylings of Kid Rock. FACT.

I'm not ashamed to admit that Wilco did not appear on my proverbial radar till about 3 years ago with the release of their self-titled album. Certain prejudices kept me from discovering them in college. I was very against anything that appeared to be "weird for the sake of weird." Upon first listen, which was curated by an ex-girlfriend who had a tendency to be into hipster music for the sake of being into hipster music, I just didn't get it.

But time has eroded those prejudices, and a new and more seasoned ear (yum) has helped me understand the genius of Wilco. It is insanely difficult to put out music that is balanced with pop sensibilities and weird shit. Tweedy and Co. have mastered that skill, leaning different ways with each album. They have done so while retaining and creating fans, not alienating them.

Ugh, critics suck. Wilco rocks. Steely Dan is unattractive.

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  1. That picture was taken after three possible events. Either they just got out of the studio, just burned down a building, or chloroformed some chicks....