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Sunday, February 5, 2012


If I had a nickel for every time I've had to restart this blog, I'd have a shit ton of nickels. I couldn't believe it when I saw my last post was back in the beginning of October. But I digress.

Things finally feel like they're settling in. After moving, job changes, our wedding, and the stress of the holidays behind us, I am now getting into a routine. I work a six day week followed by a four day, so I have three day weekends every other. It's a good deal. I'm getting a lot of work done. The number of songs I've written and reworked over the last few months is by far my biggest creative output ever. It feels great, but there is a lot of pressure on me to keep it up. Most of it is internal pressure, admittedly, but nonetheless, I had my first creative burnout last weekend. I just pushed so hard to get 3 new songs done, write out trumpet parts, organize set lists, logistics, preparing for a gig. In addition, I was also rehired by this marketing company in Virginia to write/produce some music. So with what little free time I have, I've had to write for them. I also fucked it up. They needed loops and the bounce did not work correctly, but it should be fine. (That's our logo btw)

The band is progressing nicely. We're getting ready for our first gig at the end of the month. We've added a trumpet player as a permanent member of the band. Our sound is moving in the right direction. There are some songs that I'm more fond of than others, but so far I've been able to transform all of the ones that I haven't been a fan of into something workable. I feel like the more songs I write, they will push out the old ones. It could be due to the fact my songwriting abilities have increased exponentially or that I've finally found a style that suites my songwriting techniques. Probably both. But it is flowing out so naturally right now.

In another side of the music world, I am selling my tuba. I plan on buying a euphonium and3 continuing where I left off 10 years ago with it. Playing euphonium brings me joy I never got out of playing tuba. It's hard to describe why there is such a difference, but the euphonium just feels like a natural extension of myself. It's very exciting. It almost feels like a burden being lifted. Playing the tuba was never my choice and I never had it in me to stop that source of unhappiness until now. Kristen was actually the greatest impetus behind this. She knows better than anyone my disdain for tuba, and when I told her how much fun I had tooting around on the euphonium around Christmas, she planted the idea to switch for good. Kristen understands how much joy playing the instrument can bring. She has a relationship with the clarinet that I can only understand because of the guitar, but knew that could happen with a band instrument. It is time.

Hope to have more soon. Adios.

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