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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Blog the first

This is my first blog under the advice of a certain book. This is supposed to increase my creativity and also make me more aware of what's going on. I plan on doing this once a week, reflecting on projects and issues I come across with in some of the work I've been doing. 

So far, this semester seems like I'll be able to get a lot more creative projects done. I also have a drive to do them that I haven't had for a while. I just finished both of my brothers newest mock spoken word poetry albums. I made some jazz bass lines and percussion to accompany his voice. It turned out pretty good as I familiarized myself more intimately with Garageband and it's capabilities. Want to clean it up in DP at some point, quantize the hell out of it.

In the process of writing and producing my second big podcast, taking a lot more time than I'd hoped, but I'm convinced I'll be done soon.

I also want to start writing for film, more series/cartoons I think, but it greatly appeals to me. I plan on going to and finding some videos and putting music to them in hope this will help me practice my writing for this medium. I think I could greatly excel at it, as I've enjoyed it in the past.  First and foremost, I need to get the video files from my bro that we created this winter so I can edit and compose for that short film. Should be awesome.


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