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Sunday, January 25, 2009

I want to make a supersonic man out of you...don't stop me now

So things have kept up with my expectations so far. I've been waiting for my next spoken word album from my brother so I can keep that going, but I know he's busy with other projects of his own, however, I'm really anxious to keep doing those, it was a lot of fun. 

I found an interesting video on that I'm planning on putting music to. I downloaded and have started brainstorming ideas for music...and possibly fx, not sure if I want to do that, but I most likely will. It's a 3 minute LEGO movie, I guess people call them brick films these days, stop motion legos. I put music to another brick film for MIDI techniques 2 years ago and that worked out really well. I plan on getting most of the different themes and the bulk of the prep work done by this time next week.

I also had the idea to make a short skit, possibly for the podcast, based on the package of a comb that looks and works like a switchblade. The package uses lines like "they were out for kicks" and "you can have the dame, just gimme back my comb!"  There are at least 5 of these on there, along with a title of "Delinquents with Combs." It practically writes itself. And it basically did. I wrote the skit in about an hour in the style of an old radio serial like the Shadow. It should be pretty funny when I record the voices. I came up with some organ music for the opening and closing narrations tonight and recorded a scratch narration to see if it would fit. It works great and I can't wait to get home tonite and start recording the rest. Hopefully I can manipulate my voice enough where it doesn't totally sound like I'm doing all of the voices, but then again, that could be hilarious. 

I also want to finish my mock commercial for "Comanche's Cucumbers" done this week. It's a short one, should only be about 30 seconds. But just like the radio skit, I just need to record the voices at home or at work and I can do the rest from this snazzy macbook. 

I'm taking a creative writing class and this is also helping with the creative flow. Despite the teacher being rather hippie-like and loving everything anyone says, it is still proving to help me find my "voice" in that realm as well. 

I'm getting my band, The King's Gentlemen, back together after a short hiatus due to my busyness with the recording of the demo last semester. I've added another guitarist and need to get some of the tunes ready again. Now that there is for sure another guitar, I can be a little more liberal with the arrangements I create for the rest of the band to listen to before we practice. This opens a lot of doors and I'm looking forward to working with him and making us sound, as we say...tits. 

In essence, a lot of shit is going on, and I know I'm trying to do quite a bit at once, but I'm just afraid my free time will dry up really fast, so I want to do as much as possible now. Here's to hoping this week is as productive as I want it to be.

Still excited.

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