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Sunday, October 4, 2009

B & N, eat it

So I put my two weeks notice in at Barnes and Noble yesterday. I've decided at the very least to take the Land's End job, there have been a few people who have vouched for Land's End quality of employment AND I really can't stand the measly checks coming from Barnes. It's terrible. With my last oil change, all the gas I burn for them, and the less than 20 hours a week I get, it's not paying off. Plus, they blow.

Also, I've done some more thinking and I don't think I have a shot at the Mauston radio job. I realized that when I called the other day that he said "we're finishing up interviews." However, I never got an interview after my hour long application process. Son of a bitch.

On the creative front, I started a really cool sounding project yesterday morning. It was getting a bit too "pirate-y" but I think I'm bringing it back to a more sophisticated level. There's some polyrhythmic action happening in this one, quite on accident of course. I only hope that when I finally get to put vocals to it, that they match the quality of the product so far. I may need help on this if I can't come up with anything great, but I'd really like to finish this on my own.

Unfortunately, I haven't received proper incentive or inspiration on the writing front lately. Recently, I got rejection e-mails from the last places I have sent things in to. I'm waiting for something to open up on the local level to get my break and publication in, but nothing has happened so far.

But, I am taking a risk with Land's End, and that's worth it right now. Barnes and Noble, eat it.

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