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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Thought Provoking

So here's the deal: I'm done at Barnes and Noble (thank god) and have started at Lands' End. The training has been pretty ok, but the pay is ridiculously higher (3.50 more) and have half the commute. I got put into this "advanced" training group which makes things better for the slower people by making it worse for me, but it still isn't terrible. We'll see how things go when I get out on the floor.

But anyways, as usual, I've been posting "on this day in history" events on my facebook status, as I have been for the past 4 or 5 months. Actually, they're all I post aside from the regular football rant about terrible playing. Anyways, a former professor posted on my wall that she thinks I should get my masters in history and then teach high school. Another friend suggested I also get my history degree of some sort and attempt to get a history program at NPR. At first, I laughed it off because I never thought that I would ever teach anything, let alone high school. But the more and more I think of it, the more and more it makes sense. I used to love history until AP World History in high school, then it was over. But in my senior year of college I had 2 fantastic history classes that rekindled my love of history. And the whole wikipedia daily events thing started as an exercise to keep learning things after school, but these are things I actually look forward to. I love the fact of the day that is cool and that nobody cares about. Right now isn't the best time to go to school though, but it is another thing to consider. I'm trying to think of ways to combine my talents, such as music, writing, and history. Obviously, there's music history writer, but I was never that great at music history.

I'm sure that things will work out and that over time I'll decide on something. Anyways, I'm glad there's another option on the table that I'm very interested in. So it goes.

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