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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cough Cough Cough, HACK

Been a bit since my last post, but it's been pretty crazy lately, somehow. Last week I went and presented the "alternative" string family to 4th graders at Kristen's school. It was a lot of fun and I actually felt like I did something with my time. It also made me learn banjo and get a little better at mandolin and dulcimer. The dulcimer is the cat's pajamas. I wrote a tune on it which is very beautiful (one of Kristen's favorites) but there isn't much else I can do it on it so far. I should probably check out some online instructional videos.

Training is over for Lands' End and I can't say that the real thing is the greatest. Don't get me wrong, it is far from terrible, but it's not as fulfilling as it was before. It's much more repetitive and menial now. It feels like I'm a rat now, just doing dirty work for the larger power, and it doesn't do much for me, unfortunately. It all comes down to same thing as before, except now I don't work with terrible people. I honestly think that if I'm not doing something I love and have a passion for, I'd get more out of manual labor. I still need to finish up the educational assistant application, and that could be a nice compromise, but we'll see.

Anyways, I've been trying to compose handbell music lately, but to no avail. It is much harder than I thought, but I'll keep going. Came up with a good tune the other day, but I didn't come up with lyrics. Soon Kristen will have holiday tunes to keep me occupied, so I'll be busy soon enough.

Oh yeah, I'm sick too. Cough cough cough, hack.

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