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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Goals for this week

So, this week I'm setting a lot of goals for myself. We'll see how many I complete. But outlining them out may help get more done than if I didn't.

The first is not the hardest goal, but still, it deserves to be mentioned. For tomorrow, I will try not to quit UPS with the undoubtedly ridiculous amount of work that will happen in a short amount of time. I've tried quitting before, but somehow got talked into staying, and it seems my statements were heard, for the most part. But I still need to set that goal, don't quit until I have another job AND know that it won't suck AND is stable. Lesson learned.

The second goal is to go to my pseudo-interview tomorrow and give it the old "college try." I don't want to disclose too much information, as it may lead to nothing, but just know that it is in a field I'm not totally excited, but holds potential. Either way, a new friend is giving me a bit of a chance.We shall see.

Goal the third. I need to go to the Sauk County job center to register so I can apply for additional deferment on my student loans. That first deferment period expired last Monday and the first payment would be due at the end of December. No thank you.

An absolutely necessary goal is to finish ALL of Kristen's Christmas tunes, including the changing of existing projects and tailoring them to her needs. Not the hardest, but it really does need to be done.

Finally, my two personal goals for the week, and all subsequent weeks. I WILL write something every day. I WILL find some prompts if nothing strikes me a write-worthy, and I WILL write a complete piece.
I WILL read every day. I WILL finish "Fear and Loathing..." by the end of this upcoming weekend. I WILL think about what I read and learn from it. I WILL also keep tabs on the Baraboo News Republic, finding something to write about for them.

All of these goals are doable, but it takes some determination to finish everything and do it right. I'm working on getting the word "try" out of my personal vocabulary (even though I use it in my first and second goals, but one thing at a time). I know it's kind of cliche, but on those last two goals, it does make a difference using the word "WILL" in place of "try." I never thought it would, but Lo' and behold. This will be a successful week.

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