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Monday, November 23, 2009

Response to Prompt- Fun Shtuff (and true)

So here's a prompt I recently responded to on Writer's Digest, good stuff.

PROMPT: Your boat rocks back and forth, and you peer over the edge, catching a glimpse of something you thought was gone forever.

Below is my response-

And the people all said “Sit down,” cause this boat is rocking, baby. Even to the eye of a child, you can tell I am not a seasoned sailor. I stumble…and bumble, and nearly plummet into the ridiculously calm water and BAM. I see it. My wolverine action figure from when I was eight lays waiting. That was one of the biggest mistakes of my young life. The item of my once ultimate fixation had retractable claws…RETRACTABLE!!! This was back in the day, before action figures could move every joint imaginable.

I remember that day so clearly. Playing in the waters of Lake Michigan, I was tossing my beloved figure as high as it could go, catching it just as it would fall to the water. But one toss didn’t go according to plan. Uncontrollable giggling caused me to falter. However, all hope was not lost. Concentrating to the fullest of my eight year old abilities, I located Weapon X with my feet. Being of the husky build, I was far from spry. All attempts failed miserably. I even tried hopping towards the shore with my prized possession betwixt my feet. And of course, I failed miserably.

Time ran out and I was forced to go home. My parents noticed I wasn’t playing with my week-old favorite toy. Not wanting to disappoint, after I fought so hard for them to buy me my toy, I lied. I described to them exactly what I did, except that I didn’t do it, Carlo did. Long story short, his family ended up moving to Thailand and nobody knows the truth.

Oh Wolverine action figure, we hardly knew ye.

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