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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Post 30

Why why why, what have we here, post number 30.

So, UPS didn't turn out to be what I was hoping for. Not a huge surprise at this point. Disappointment after disappointment, but I'm trying to give the learning curve a shot. It is, after all, a steady job. We'll see after this week I imagine. Let's pray this works out. But if it doesn't, I was able to state my case to a few more local friends of the older variety. The more people that know about my current state of being, the more people can help me.

I have also decided that writing is my true calling. There is no more variation or question. I strongly feel that I should be writing for a living, or at least a small part of my living where I can still call myself a working writer.

After I decide on what I'm going to do about UPS, I believe I'll be able to concentrate more fully on my writing. Currently, I'm reading and researching before I set out on another writing front, documenting all ideas. I also received word from an actual writer at the local newspaper that freelancing is the best bet I have at getting A) published and B) real experience.

Here's to a good and productive week of Thanksgiving. Been a hard six months, but let's hope there's more to be thankful for soon, not to say I'm not thankful for what has been going right, just the work aspect of life.

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